How to deal with excessive sweating

  • 1
    Choose stronger protection.

    Combat excessive sweating with Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Antiperspirant. It works hard all day to keep you protected from sweat and odour. It conditions skin, too, with ¼ moisturising technology, for an antiperspirant deodorant that’s tough on excess sweating, not skin 

  • 2
    Apply before bed.

    Apply antiperspirant deodorant before bed rather than in the morning to boost results. Using antiperspirant deodorant at night gives it more time to get to work – leaving you better protected by morning 

  • 3
    Use deodorant on cool skin.

    If you prefer to use antiperspirant deodorant in the morning following a shower, wait 10 minutes after washing to apply it. Antiperspirants work best on cool, dry skin, especially when you choose the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin.

  • 4
    Wear light clothes.

    One of the simplest ways to conquer excessive sweating is to think about the clothing you wear. Synthetic materials and tight cuts can sometimes increase excess sweating. Instead choose lighter, breathable fabrics with more room for your skin to breathe 

  • 5
    Pack antiperspirant deodorant for on the go.

    Excessive sweating can, of course, be a product of hard work at the gym. If you often work out during the day, make sure to pack Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Compressed Antiperspirant. Its compact size and fast-acting technology makes it an ideal addition to your gym bag for use after a workout 

  • 6
    Continued excessive sweating.

    If you’re experiencing continuous excess sweating, it could be a sign of the medical condition, hyperhidrosis. If you think this might be a possibility, talk to your doctor, who should be able to discuss the diagnosis and potential treatments