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Dove DermaSeries Face Care

Introducing care for delicate faces from Dove DermaSeries

Rich textures meet expert care. Create a skin care routine you love and soothe sensitive and extremely dry skin with the creamy, moisturizing nourishment of Dove DermaSeries.

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When living with sensitive and extremely dry skin, pleasure often comes last when it comes to your skin care routine. But with Dove DermaSeries, you can give your skin all the care it needs, in rich, creamy formulas you can’t get enough of. 

A new way to care for the most delicate faces, every product in our range protects and instantly soothes sensitive and extremely dry facial skin, leaving it soft, smooth and comfortable. Discover a dermatologist-tested, face cleanser that can also be used for the body. Dove DermaSeries gentle skin cleanser, has a formula that’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and soap-free. Finish your routine with our clinically proven face cream, Dove DermaSeries replenishing face cream with SPF 15. Every product glides onto your skin with ease, sealing in moisture and sinking in without a trace. Creamy cleansing and care for a beauty routine as enjoyable as you deserve.

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