Why bare arms are the new bare legs

Why bare arms are the new bare legs

  • 1
    Covering up in the cold.

    Sure, cold weather and bare skin don’t mix, but coats help give our arms a clear advantage here. They allow us to wear what we want and then bundle up to head outside, meaning that – unlike bare legs – bare arms are suitable all year round!

  • 2
    Beautiful underarms.

    With the right antiperspirant, you can care for your underarms in the same way that you care for the rest of your body, so you can go sleeveless without a second thought

  • 3
    Red-carpet ready.

    For classic glamour, nothing says, “I should be on a red carpet holding up a big award like a strapless gown.” We don’t know about you, but we like to keep our arms and underarms prepped and ready at all times, just in case our award-show invite actually turns up (you never know)

  • 4
    Hair removal.

    Hair removal gets a lot easier once you take bare legs out of the equation. Throw on your jeans and forget shaving your legs. Better still, you’ve now bought yourself 10 more minutes in bed

  • 5
    Go sleeveless.

    There are endless ways to go sleeveless. Halternecks, strapless dresses, tanks, spaghetti straps and one-shouldered concoctions mean that there’s something to suit everyone – so you can wear the top or dress that works best for you, whatever the occasion

  • 6
    Wardrobe options.

    OK, we admit it: bare legs will probably never lose their fashionable status, but we’re determined to give our arms their fair share of celebration, too. After all, it opens up a whole host of new wardrobe options…