Dove CROWN collection

Dove CROWN Collection Hair Care

Make the most of your wash day routine by using this caring ritual from Dove CROWN Collection.

Specially formulated to care for naturally textured hair, ranging from wavy hair to curly hair and coily hair  – Dove CROWN Collection delivers a holistic hair care system. From shampoo to serum, every staple in the range goes beyond visible hair repair, and protects the natural moisture barrier of melanin rich scalps. 

With this collection, you can transform dry, curly hair into luscious, healthy-feeling strands. Containing a range of expert skin care ingredients, Dove CROWN Collection addresses both the visible signs and the root cause of damage, helping to prevent breakage when detangling and styling. 

Refresh your curly hair care routine with the holistic hair care power of Dove CROWN Collection.

*system usage with scalp serum

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