6 things you really need for the gym

6 things you really need for the gym

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    Running in a silent gym is, let’s face it, quite boring. But listening to your chosen exercise song you’re suddenly a champion, sprinting towards the finish line as crowds applaud around you


  • 2
    Antiperspirant for women.

    There’s no arguing with this gym-bag essential – if your exercise routine is doing its job, then you’re going to need some antiperspirant. Dove Original Dry Spray AntiPerspirant protects and cares for underarms with ¼ moisturizing cream

  • 3
    A sports bra.

    When it comes to deciding what to wear for the gym, we reckon it’s up to you – whatever makes you feel good. The only essential is a sports bra. No explanation needed, right? 

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    It doesn’t need to be high-tech, science-enhanced, celebrity-endorsed spring water – simple H₂O will do the job. Have it within reach during exercise, but don’t overdo it. A sip when you feel thirsty is enough

  • 5
    A wingman (or woman).

    It’s always useful to have a friend on hand to say things like “I’ll do the kickboxing class if you will,” and “No, we probably shouldn’t put it off until next week.” Not to mention those confidence-boosting pep talks to boost our motivation

  • 6

    The magic ingredient that makes us go to the gym rather than settling in for a night on the sofa. If you’ve got it, we applaud you