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Dove Refillable Deodorant

Refillable Deodorant

Buy once, refill for life. Join the deodorant revolution with our first durable stainless steel refillable deodorant case with lifetime guarantee*. Available exclusively online at select retailers.

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Introducing Dove Refillable Deodorant. Our first-ever stainless steel deodorant case designed to be kept for life* with our most caring 0% aluminum refills made from 98% recycled plastic.

We are on a journey to create more environmentally friendly deodorants. Our refillable deodorant is one of many steps we are taking towards that goal. That is why our reusable case is made from stainless steel – for a sleek and minimalist look that’s durable and long lasting. It fits seamlessly into your routine and your journey to use more sustainable deodorants.

Our aluminum free deodorant cares for your underarm skin and is formulated with ¼ moisturizers and glycerin for skin that’s soft and smooth. It also keeps you odour free with 48 hour deodorant protection, leaving you feel fresh all day long.

Available in multiple fragrances, you can choose which scent best suits you. Opt for Cucumber & Green Tea for a refreshing fragrance, or Coconut & Pink Jasmine to add a subtle floral flourish to your day.

Discover more about our Refillable Deodorant Stick range below. 

*Lifetime guarantee applies to stainless steel case only (refills excluded) and is valid for as long as the product is actively distributed to retailers in Canada. For more detail, see terms & conditions at or call 1-866-404-1274

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