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Body Love

Body Love

Say hello to the new Dove Body Love shower collection with premium formulations created to elevate your shower experience while delivering next level skin benefits. 

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Co-Created with beauty editors and leading dermatologists, the Dove Body Love shower collection delivers expert care that starts in the shower. Some of our Dove Body Love formulas are infused with face care ingredients like hyaluronic serum and provide maximum hydration, while other formulas with dermatologist-approved ingredients like colloidal oatmeal instantly soothe and nourish specific skin conditions like eczema-prone skin. These premium body cleansers are sure to make your skin feel smoother and more radiant than ever before.


From the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand, our new collection of body cleansers is made with naturally derived, gentle skin cleansers. They’re also sulfate and paraben-free and made in 100% recycled plastic bottles.


Looking to build a self-care regimen in the shower? 

  • For dry skin, our deeply moisturizing Pre-Cleanse Shower Butter is the perfect pre-cleanse treatment, depositing moisture deep into the skin within the Stratum Corneum. It has a buttery-soft texture which melts in the shower and contains a concentrated and potent combination of active moisturizers. Seal in the pre-cleanse butter with one of our Dove Body Love Cleansers for double the moisture. 
  • For rough skin in need of a moisture boost, try our new Dove Body Love Body Polishes with our unique 10x Moisture Boost Complex*4 – a special blend of active moisturizers to help your skin retain moisture so that it feels silky-soft, with a healthy-looking glow. 


*10x the moisturizers vs the leading body wash brand5

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