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If you ask us, antiperspirant shouldn’t just protect you: it should care for your underarm skin, too. We put so much care into the rest of our bodies, shouldn’t our underarms get the same?

Music, dancing, celebrating – we experience some of the best things in life with our arms in the air. And in those moments, insecurities about our underarms definitely aren’t welcome.

That’s why all Dove antiperspirants and deodorants are created with kind-to-skin formulas that care for your underarm skin and help you feel comfortable, confident and free from underarm worries. Take our  Advanced Care Cool Essentials Antiperspirant Stick (opens in a new window), for example. With 48-hour protection, 0% alcohol and ¼ moisturizers with natural oil, the caring, non-irritant formula helps you recover from dry skin caused by shaving – leaving you with soft and comfortable underarms. Or, give our  Advanced Care Revive Dry Spray (opens in a new window) a try for a boost of freshness on those busy days (it feels instantly dry). If you’re looking for an aluminium-free product, give our Dove 0% Aluminium Deodorant (opens in a new window) a try. Dove 0% keeps you fresh for up to 24 hours – just to name a few of our favourites.

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