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Dove Baby care tips

Baby care tips

Discover our favorite tips for caring for baby’s skin. From diaper rash to cradle cap, here’s everything you need to do care your way.

Baby care tips

Winter care for baby skin
You can protect baby skin from cold winter weather with mild baby skin care
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What to do with cradle cap
Although crust on the baby’s head does clear up on its own, these tips may help speed up the process
What makes Baby Dove baby products different?
Discover how Baby Dove baby products are developed for delicate baby skin
What I know now: First-time parents share their baby advice
Your newborn baby brings exciting change and you’ll soon find your own way
Welcoming little ones: baby shower inspiration
Looking for baby shower ideas? Parents share what they enjoyed most
Baby care tips
Understanding the science behind your baby’s skin

Your baby's skin is very different to your own. Not only is it softer and smoother than yours, it also has that irresistible 'new-baby' smell. But do you understand how baby skin is so different to adult skin?

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Discover how our experts put our baby products to the test
Discover how we put our Baby Dove products to the test
Hypoallergenic – what does it mean and why does it matter?
All Baby Dove products are hypoallergenic. But what does that mean?
How to take care of baby skin at night
Parents on how to moisturise baby skin before bed, and through the night
Gift ideas to help tick off that new baby checklist
Parents share their favourite baby presents to help you decide what to buy
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Finding your newborn baby bath routine
Creating a stress-free baby bath time routine for you and your little one
Dealing with baby eczema your way
Eczema on babies is common – we can help you find your own way to treat it
Dry skin in babies: your questions answered
Why is my baby’s skin dry? Visit our page on soothing dry skin in babies
Developing your baby sleep routine
Baby sleep patterns are unpredictable, but a calming bedtime routine can help
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Choosing baby names your own way
Looking for baby name inspiration? We asked parents how they chose theirs
Benefits of baby massage for your newborn
Massage can help you bond with your newborn baby and care for their skin
How ¼ moisturizing cream and DEFI cares for your baby’s skin
Learn more about the mild, ¼ moisturizing cream care Baby Dove provides
Baby skin care: Caring for sensitive baby skin
Baby skin is delicate and needs special, gentle care
Baby care tips
What’s the secret to a tear-free baby bathtime?

For many moms and dads, baby bathtime is a moment to look forward to. But sometimes – and often for no obvious reason – babies and toddlers don't feel the same way.

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Baby acne explained
Your little one has baby acne? Don’t worry!