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Would You Make the Switch to Dove Antiperspirant?

#WouldYouSwitch? Be part of the biggest Dove trial ever

We could tell you that our Dove Advanced Care antiperspirants actually works. Or… we could let the women who love it tell you themselves.

We decided to run our biggest ever Canadian trial – asking non-Dove users across Canada to do a week-long test run with Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials Antiperspirant. After seven days, we wanted to know: would they switch? The results were outstanding - 7/10 women said they would recommend Dove.

We asked some women to keep a daily video diary. They recorded their honest experiences with Dove Advanced Care antiperspirant and explained in their own words why they think it’s the best antiperspirant for women around. So, does Dove antiperspirant work? We’ll leave that question to them.

Explore their diaries below, and tell us – will you switch?

Discover all the care of Dove Advanced Care antiperspirant

Would You Make the Switch to Dove Antiperspirant?
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