How to apply deodorant

How to apply antiperspirant

  • 1
    Shake it.

    Using a dry spray like our Original Dry Spray Antiperspirant? Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it

  • 2
    The right distance.

    For perfect dry spray application, there’s a golden distance for spraying – you should hold the can approximately 15 centimetres from your underarm as you spray it (if you’re lacking a ruler, that’s about halfway between your underarm and your elbow)

  • 3
    A short, sharp spray.

    With a dry spray you can determine how much antiperspirant to apply with the length of your sprays. Our advice? No need to spray until you’re hidden in a cloud – two seconds on each underarm will do the job, which is essentially a short, sharp spray

  • 4
    Roll with it.

    With roll-on antiperspirant the clue’s in the name: simply roll your antiperspirant – like our Powder Roll-On AntiPerspirant – over each underarm a couple of times so you get good, even coverage

  • 5
    Sweep on your stick.

    If a stick is your weapon of choice, our Invisible Solid Powder AntiPerspirant is a classic. Twist the base of the stick to dispense the product, and sweep two-to-three strokes over each underarm

  • 6
    Avoid white marks.

    Leave as much time between applying your antiperspirant and getting dressed as you can – finding white antiperspirant marks on your little black dress when it’s too late to change is not an enjoyable experience