How to use our refillable body wash

How to use our refillable body wash

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    Choose your starter kit.

    To make your switch to refillable body wash as easy as possible, we created starter kits that include everything you need. Both starter kits come with a reusable bottle and a  Daily Moisture Body Wash Concentrate refill . All you need to do is pick your bottle – infinitely recyclable aluminum or 100% recycled plastic – to buy once, refill for life*

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    Connect your refill.

    When you’re ready to get started, connect your refill onto your reusable bottle – no need to remove the cap. Our body wash concentrate bottles are made from recyclable and 100% recycled plastic, so with use over time, they’ll help you reduce your plastic waste

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    Twist & click.

    Refill connected? Simply twist it clockwise until you hear the ‘click’. That means the refill is secure and you can safely squeeze out the contents of the body wash concentrate. These refill bottles have a smart quick-connect design that lets you refill without pouring or mess

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    Fill & shake.

    Now for the magic – just add water to create the Dove care you know and love. Fill your reusable bottle with drinking water up to the line. Screw the pump on the bottle and shake it well for 10-15 seconds to mix. Unlock the pump, and your refillable body wash is ready to use

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    Try a new refill.

    Your starter kit comes with a Daily Moisture Body Wash Concentrate that you can use straight away, but once you’re ready to refill, you can choose a new scent to keep things fresh, like creamy and indulgent Shea & Warm Vanilla or refreshing Cucumber. All our body wash concentrate refills give you instantly soft skin and lasting nourishment

  • 6
    Reduce plastic waste over time.

    As well as shipping less water per refill, our refillable body wash helps you reduce your plastic waste over time. After two body wash concentrate refills with our reusable aluminum bottle, or four with the 100% recycled plastic bottle, you’ll be using 50% less plastic with every refill compared to standard Dove body wash

    * See the terms and conditions on Dove's lifetime commitment to your bottle

Watch how to refill your bottle

It’s easy to refill your new body wash without any pouring or mess. Take a look at our video to find out how.

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Dove Reusable Bottles

Body Wash Reusable Bottles + Concentrate Refills

Make the switch to refillable body wash with this Dove starter kit, featuring reusable bottles and body wash refills to get you started.

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