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Dove Refillable Deodorant Lifetime Guarantee

Dove Body Wash Reusable Bottle and Concentrate Refills Lifetime Guarantee

Our reusable bottles and body wash concentrate refills were designed to minimize waste by reducing the amount of plastic used after multiple uses. To fulfill its promise to ‘buy once, refill for life’ the beautiful, refillable bottles are made from durable aluminum or recycled plastic. In fact, we believe in the quality of our reusable bottles so much that we gave them a lifetime guarantee. Discover our reusable bottles and refills and transform your routine with products that last.

Unilever Warranty Terms and Conditions for Dove Body Wash Reusable Bottle (and pump).

If your Dove aluminum or plastic reusable bottle is ever broken or damaged, we will replace it free of charge – no proof of purchase needed.

Our warranty covers, at your choice, the replacement of your Dove reusable bottle or a refund and applies for the life of your bottle (while the 16 oz Dove reusable bottle and body wash concentrate refill products are actively distributed to retailers).

Our warranty covers against severe chipping, cracking, or breaking under normal personal use of the Dove reusable bottles.

Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, minor imperfections, surface markings (because of shipping), or typical slight color variations.

Our warranty excludes damage to the bottles attributable to misuse and/or abuse (including but not limited to dropping of the bottle) or any damage which does not impair the functionality of the product.

If the extent of the damage cannot be understood from a photograph, Unilever reserves the right to request that you send your Dove reusable bottle to us.

We will provide a prepaid shipping label. We will pay for the shipping of your replacement case. Unilever is not responsible for packages lost in transit.

If, due to unavailability, product replacement cannot be made, a comparable product replacement will be made, or a full refund for the fair market value of the Dove reusable bottle will be issued.

If your pump stops functioning, you can contact us to request a replacement free of charge, or call the number on the back of your refill to request a pump replacement. 

This lifetime guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Incidental or consequential damages are not recoverable.

To initiate our warranty service, please contact us and provide us with your full name and address. You may be required to return the product, so please hold on to it.

To request a replacement reusable bottle or pump click hereClick here to request a replacement reusable bottle

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