6 reasons why your hands feel dry

6 reasons why your hands feel dry

  • 1
    Frequent washing.

    We hear you – if water is hydrating, why does frequent washing make our hands feel dry? Like everything in life –  moderation is key. After washing and drying over and over again, the natural oils in your skin can be stripped back, leaving behind dehydrated, dry hands. That’s why it’s important you’re using a hand wash for dry skin that’s made with a hydrating formula. This way, your skin can maintain its natural moisture, staying smooth, soft and silky

  • 2
    Water is too hot.

    Is your skin feeling dried out? We know it’s tempting to warm our hands up under the tap on a cold day, but it’s best to avoid hot water when you find yourself at the sink. Like over washing, hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils, further drying out your skin. So, if you're wondering how to treat dry hands, try sticking to warm water when washing

  • 3
    Changing seasons.

    It often seems like, when we welcome the winter months, we open the doors to dry skin, but why is that the case? The main culprit is a lack of moisture. Cold air, a drop in humidity, indoor heating  – it’s no wonder our hands feel dry and cracked by the end of a winter’s day.  Try giving yourself some extra hand care during the winter months with a moisturising hand wash.

  • 4
    Your trusty sanitizer.

    Hand sanitizers are great at fighting off germs, but not all of them nourish your skin at the same time. It’s more important than ever to keep on top of your hand hygiene, but you can still take care of your skin while doing it. When given the choice between a moisturizing hand wash or a hand sanitizer, choose the sink and pair it with a hand wash for dry skin

  • 5
    You’re in need of some rubber gloves.

    Do you find your hands feel dry and tight after washing the dishes? Well, you’re not alone. Chemical detergents found in dish soap are notorious skin irritants. So, if you’re wondering how to stop hands drying out while you’re doing your house chores, it’s simple – rubber gloves will be your best friend. Protecting your skin from harsh cleaning products and hot water means you can leave the kitchen sink without dry hands

  • 6
    You forgot to check the ingredient list.

    Is your hand wash full of harsh ingredients? We’re here to tell you that’s a one way ticket to dry skin. Using a hand wash with a gentle, hydrating formula will not only clean your hands, it’ll moisturize hands and leave dry skin as a distant memory. Our moisturizing hand wash is sulfate, paraben and alcohol free. So, you can rest easy knowing it’ll gently remove dirt and germs, and moisturize hands, wash after wash.

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