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Armpit odor: 5 tips on how to stop your armpits from smelling

Conscious of body odor? You wouldn’t be the first. While some people might feel awkward talking about body odor (B.O. for short), it’s completely natural, with most of us experiencing it at some point. It occurs when bacteria (which skin is naturally teeming with) breaks down protein molecules within sweat – body odor is a byproduct of this. Certain things, like exercise, hot weather, hormonal changes, diet and even some forms of medication, can impact our body odor, causing changes we might suddenly notice. Want to know how to stop armpit odor? Here are a few tips that might help

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    Lather up regularly

    Because body odor is caused by bacteria getting into contact with sweat, the best way to prevent it is to wash regularly, using products that cleanse your skin of impurities. Our Dove Purifying Detox Body Wash with Green Clay deeply cleanses your skin while respecting its natural microbiome, leaving it fully renewed. Dove’s moisturizing body washes are perfect if you have an active lifestyle.

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    Use the right protection

    If you need help with staying dry throughout the day, our effective antiperspirants are proven to protect you from both sweat and odor for 48 hours while leaving your delicate underarm skin moisturized and cared for. Try our Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirants for our best protection yet. Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorants on the other hand, smartly control odor without reducing sweat.

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    Nail your application

    Much like makeup or skincare, poor deodorant application can seriously reduce its effectiveness, so take a few minutes to get it right. Always apply to clean, dry underarms. Gently glide stick deodorants across each underarm, or hold the deodorant 6 inches from your underarm and spray for one or two seconds. You can get dressed immediately with our dry sprays as they won’t leave marks on clothes.

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    Don’t skip laundry day

    Washing clothes regularly really helps to minimize the chance of any lingering odor trapped in the fibers. Conscious of body odor? Gym kits, underwear and T-shirts should usually be washed after each use since they come into direct contact with skin. Items like sweaters can typically last longer.

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    Opt for natural fabrics

    Wearing lightweight and breathable natural fibers like cotton, linen and bamboo means sweat is more easily absorbed than when we wear man-made fabrics, like polyester. Wool is great too, since it naturally absorbs moisture from the air. In fact, a scientific study on body odor concluded that after a tough cycling session, polyester clothing retained odor significantly more than cotton.

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