Why you should try our Dove Men+Care Ultimate range

Why you should try our Dove Men+Care Ultimate range

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    For unique care

    48-hour odor and wetness protection, care, and a long-lasting scent – think you have to pick one? This long-lasting men’s deodorant is made with our revolutionary water-based technology, works to prevent body odor for up to 48-hours and comes in a range of fresh scents. Designed with your underarm skin in mind, we’ve combined everything you look for in a deodorant into one.

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    For revolutionary water-based technology

    Water-based deodorant gives hardworking ingredients, like glycerin, a chance to do their thing. Our non-irritating formula is 30% water, with omega 6 and glycerin. Benefits for skin include leaving your underarm skin feeling smooth, nourished, comfortable, and protected. Plus, with six times the humectant moisturizers* – clinically proven to keep skin moisturized – your underarms get the moisturization they need.

    *Compared to our standard formula

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    For 48-hour powerful protection

    Your deodorant should leave you feeling covered for the day. With this deodorant you get 48-hour underarm odor protection. Just apply once to keep sweat and odor at bay all day. Plus, with a range of scents to choose from – including Juniper Wood, Ocean Breeze, and Coastal Cedar – you’ll find a scent to match your style.

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    For comfortable underarms

    When you’re getting ready for a busy day you need a deodorant that makes your underarms feel comfortable and protected all day. This deodorant is designed to glide onto your skin with ease. The quick-drying formula makes applying easy. Your underarm skin will be left feeling comfortable and cared for all day.

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    For the best non-irritant formula

    Some deodorants are made with harsh ingredients that can cause underarm irritation. Our Ultimate range is made with our best non-irritant formula yet. Enriched with glycerin, for skin that feels moisturized, after every swipe you can be confident.

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