Dove Men+Care Advanced Care

5 reasons dermatologists recommend our Advanced Care range

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    They target your unique skin concerns

    Our Advanced Care cleansers are all formulated with Triple Action Moisturizer technology, made by the #1 dermatologist recommended body wash brand for men in the US, and help you nourish, repair and hydrate your skin’s barrier. You just need to pick the best formula for your unique skin concern.

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    Dr Hartman, who has first-hand experience on how to cope with acne, found it easy to add our deeply cleansing Advanced Care Acne Clear Face + Body Wash to his daily shower routine.

    “As soon as I started incorporating this product into my routine,” he says, “I noticed after a workout my skin didn’t break out as much as it did before. Those skin concerns started coming under control. It was no extra effort on my part. I was just using something different in the shower. Effective, refreshing, soothing, I’d recommend it to any guy who’s looking for an easy way to help clear skin of breakouts.”

    Simple, everyday skin care? That’s dermatologist advice for acne prone skin we can get behind.

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    Dr Sneath, who has spent his life dealing with dry skin, instantly felt the difference with our nourishing Advanced Care Dry Repair Face + Body Wash.

    “For anyone with dry or sensitive skin, whenever you use a cleanser your skin feels more dried out afterwards,” he begins. “But when I used this cleanser, it felt good on my skin. I suffer from dry skin, and it felt great after using this in combination with a moisturizer. For my clients with dry skin, I would happily recommend this product.”

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    Dr Hartman says he loves the smooth and minty scent of our Advanced Care Acne Clear Face + Body Wash: “It’s subtle but still fresh. It lathers up really well. It spreads onto the skin extremely easily. And it leaves my skin feeling invigorated, clean and hydrated, not overtreated or too dry.”

    From our nutty, shea butter-infused Dry Repair formula, to the fresh hypoallergenic scent of Sensitive Calm, our Advanced Care Face + Body Washes transform every shower into a truly sensorial experience.

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    Dr Sneath says our Advanced Care Dry Repair Face + Body Wash has had more than a positive impact on his skin: “I’m more confident because I’m not thinking about my skin when I’m interacting with patients. When you feel more comfortable, you feel more confident.”

    Our Advanced Care range doesn’t just make men more confident in everyday life – it makes them more confident with practicing self-care, too.

    This is Dr Hartman’s #1 piece of skin care advice for men (and we couldn’t agree more): “From an early age men are conditioned to not care as much about their appearance. We’re made to feel as if there’s something wrong with wanting to look better. As if it’s not masculine. Really, it’s just self-care. Your skin is another organ, just like you want your heart and lungs to be healthy. Luckily, a lot of that’s changing.”

    Still not sure how to take care of sensitive skin, acne prone skin and extreme dryness? Now you’ve read our best skin care tips from dermatologists, check out our guide to find the perfect Advanced Care cleanser for your unique skin concerns.