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What is bio-mimetic hair care? A 101 guide for men

What does ‘bio-mimetic’ mean and why is it so good for your hair? Read this essential guide to our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range and discover why every man needs it in their daily grooming routine.

What is bio-mimetic hair care + how does it work? 

Here’s our bio-mimetic definition in a nutshell: Literally, ‘bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘mimetic’ means ‘imitating’. So, using 100% nature-derived oils that mimic your hair’s natural oil, our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range imitates hair’s natural protective process. It’s also infused with vegan keratin, which is equivalent to hair’s protein. By taking a leaf out of nature’s playbook, the oils in this tech help give hair the daily protection and nourishment it needs.


What are the best bio-mimetic products for my hair? 

Whatever your hair needs, we have the perfect routine for you.

If you want to turn up the volume on flat hair, combine our Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revitalize Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Collagen Silicone-Free Shampoo with our Conditioner. Infused with vegan collagen for hair, this powerful duo gives your hair volume by visibly thickening its appearance and making it look 3x fuller.*

To visibly repair damaged hair and make those locks 7x stronger**, try Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Reconstruct Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Keratin Sulfate-Free Shampoo followed by our visibly repairing Conditioner.

And if you want to regenerate the look and feel of healthy hair and visibly repair it, Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Renew Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Elastin 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner in the perfect all-in-one product for your daily routine.


Are there any other benefits to bio-mimetic hair care? 

Yes. Our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care products are all vegan, PETA Approved, and have a 100% biodegradable formula*** with 0% silicones or parabens. They come in recyclable bottles made with 100% recycled plastic, too. It means every time you step into the shower, you’re caring for more than just your hair.

For more plant-powered skin care, check out our simple, three-step shower routine.

*System vs. flat hair. **Due to breakage, system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. ***Ingredient biodegradation based on OECD test methods (301, 302 and/or 310) and Principles. 

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