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How Dove Men+Care Ultimate range helps underarm irritation

What’s our best Advanced Care formula for your skin concern?

Our Advanced Care cleansers all hydrate, nourish and repair your skin’s barrier, but what’s our best formula for your specific concerns? Whether you’re caring for sensitive skin, acne prone skin or extreme dryness, read our quick guide to find the perfect tool for your routine.

Caring for acne prone skin?

Oily skin is one of the most common men’s skin types – it’s also why acne is a common concern. If you want to help prevent blemishes, oily and acne prone skin doesn’t just need to be cleansed daily – it needs to be hydrated, too. 

You can do both with our refreshing, minty Advanced Care Acne Clear Face + Body Wash. Made with 1% salicylic acid, it deeply cleanses skin and penetrates pores to help reduce the number of acne blemishes and prevent new ones appearing. Just lather up, rinse and towel dry. Caring for acne prone skin every day just got a little bit easier.

Caring for sensitive skin?

When choosing skin care products for sensitive skin, it’s all about finding a calming, hydrating formula with a hypoallergenic fragrance.

Enter our gentle Advanced Care Sensitive Calm Face + Body Wash. Made with 25% hydration balm and infused with natural extract of aloe vera, this hypoallergenic, non-irritating formula calms, hydrates and cleanses dry, sensitive skin. It’s the perfect addition to any shower routine for men who suffer from skin irritation, sensitivity or dryness.

One more tip: Try shortening the length of your shower and turning down the temperature to help avoid aggravating and drying out sensitive skin.

Caring for extremely dry skin?

Wondering what’s the best body wash for dry skin? No shower routine for dry skin is complete without our Advanced Care Dry Repair Face + Body Wash. Formulated with 25% hydration balm and smooth shea butter, it’s clinically proven to help protect, restore and nourish extremely dry skin. It also packs a woody, nutty scent that leaves you feeling refreshed after every shower.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is my skin type?”, check out our quick guide. It helps you identify your unique skin type, so you can protect and care for it.

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