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4 amazing benefits of RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care

Our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range doesn’t just help protect and nourish your hair – it has some amazing benefits that go way beyond your shower routine. Learn four reasons why our formulas help men care for their locks (and so much more).

  • 1

    Daily protection + nourishment

    RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care imitates hair’s natural protective process with 100% nature-derived oils that mimic your hair’s natural oil – and the results are incredible.

    Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revitalize Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Collagen Silicone-Free Shampoo and Conditioner make hair look 3x fuller.* Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Reconstruct Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Keratin Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner make hair 7x stronger.** And Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Renew Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Elastin 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner visibly repairs locks and regenerates the look and feel of healthy hair.

    Like we said – the results really are incredible.

  • 2

    100% biodegradable formulas***

    Everyone talks about biodegradable formulas, but what does ‘biodegradable’ actually mean? Essentially, when you rinse off in the shower and the lather from your shampoo or conditioner disappears down the drain, it breaks down (or ‘biodegrades’) into organic elements without releasing harmful toxins into the sea or soil.

    Alongside our 100% biodegradable formulas*** made with 0% silicones or parabens, our bio-mimetic hair care bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic. Just follow the recycling instructions on the bottle.

  • 3

    Vegan + PETA Approved hair care

    If you’re looking for caring hair products that do not test on animals, this range is perfect for your routine. Globally, Dove is PETA Approved. And our entire RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range is vegan and infused with plant-based keratin for men’s hair, which is equivalent to your hair’s protein.

  • 4

    Caring for your hair helps you care for others, too

    When combined with all forms of self-care, hair care for men can have a powerful effect.

    Our unique study shows that when men practice a variety of self-care activities every day – like exercising, meditating, reading, socializing and caring for their skin and hair – they’re 2.2x more likely to feel balance in their lives, 1.6x more likely to feel satisfied in themselves, and 44% more likely to care for others.**** Need we say anymore?

To learn more about the benefits of bio-mimetic hair care, read our quick 101 guide. And to learn how to take care of men’s hair (and skin) every day, try our simple three-step shower routine.


*System vs. flat hair. **Due to breakage, system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. ***Ingredient biodegradation based on OECD test methods (301, 302 and/or 310) and Principles. ****Gupta, T., & Hook, C. (2021). Care Leads to Care: How Caring for Ourselves Helps Us Better Care for Others. Promundo-US.

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