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The ultimate plant-based shower routine for men

Do you want to start a plant-based self-care routine that’s simple but effective? Just follow this shower routine step-by-step using our plant-powered cleansers, plant-based lotions and RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range.


1. Cleanse

Start your step-by-step shower routine by lathering up with one of our cold-pressed, Plant Powered Cleansing Bars. Made with natural essential oils, a plant-based cleanser and 99% biodegradable ingredients, they give your skin superior moisture and leave your face and body feeling softer and smoother. 

To give skin an extra scrub while you cleanse and moisturize it, we recommend our Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Skin Exfoliating Charcoal + Clove Oil Cleansing Bar. To simply cleanse and refresh, you can’t go wrong with our Plant Powered Reinvigorating Lime + Avocado Oil Cleansing Bar or Plant Powered Relaxing Eucalyptus + Cedar Oil Cleansing Bar.


2. Shampoo + condition

Once you’re rinsed your face and body, get ready for some plant-powered hair care with our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Care range. Bio-mimetic care imitates hair’s natural protective process with 100% nature-derived oils that mimic your hair’s natural oil. You just need to choose the best routine for you and your hair.

To give hair volume by visibly thickening its appearance and make it look 3x fuller*, try Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Revitalize Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Collagen Silicone-Free Shampoo followed by our revitalizing Conditioner

To visibly repair damaged hair and make it look 7x stronger**, combine Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Reconstruct Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Keratin Sulfate-Free Shampoo with the Reconstruct Conditioner.

Or to regenerate the look and feel of healthy hair and visibly repair your locks, go for Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Renew Coco Fatty Acid + Vegan Elastin 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner. Whatever you pick, your hair care routine for men won’t be complete without it.


3. Moisturize

Finally, rinse, towel dry and finish your men’s shower routine with our fast-absorbing and non-greasy Hand + Body Lotions. Formulated with glycerin, skin-strengthening nutrients and Hydration Boost™, our advanced blend of plant-based moisturizers, they leave skin feeling nourished with 48-hour moisture. 

Again, just pick the best lotion for your skin type. To give rough, dry skin maximum moisture, choose our Replenishing Hand + Body Lotion. For sensitive skin, our Calming Hand + Body Lotion is ideal. And if you simply want to give skin some extra care and protection (especially in the winter months), our Refreshing Hand + Body Lotion has you covered.


To learn more about our RE+AL Bio-Mimetic care range before you follow our three shower routine steps, read this essential 101 guide.


*System vs. flat hair. **Due to breakage, system vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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