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Deeply rooted in passion and sportsmanship, rivalries in sports stand apart. They stem from undeniable commonalities, and continue to have a positive impact on athletes, fans and the game. In college basketball, storied rivals share many things—except for the jersey. This March Madness, Dove Men+Care will bring college basketball’s biggest rivals together by turning the jersey into a symbol of unity.

Tobacco Road Jersey

The most significant road in college basketball, Tobacco Road, is a 10 mile stretch that connects the most heated rivalry together.

Split down the middle, the diagonal slash that is stretched across the chest of the jersey is filled in with the two school’s signature blue shades. The Route 15 sign, the highway that Tobacco Road is named from, is stitched at the base of the slash.

On the back, the “11” represents the combined number of championship titles that the two schools share.

Exclusive Jersey Drop:

Meets stars Antawn Jamison and Jay Williams

Saturday, March 9th @ 12pm-2pm EST

First come, first served with Jerseys—so come early for a chance to get yours.

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

1118 Environ Way

Chapel Hill, NC

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