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Baby Dove recommendations

9 out of 10 parents recommend our baby skin care*, here’s why

Would you change your go-to baby skin care routine? We ran our biggest ever baby trial, with hundreds of parents who love other brands, to find out. After seven days, how many would recommend Baby Dove?

*based on US consumer study of 316 participants

As a parent, it’s easy to stick to the baby skin care brand you know. From baby product recommendations to articles on the best lotion for babies, what to use on newborn skin for one parent might not be the same for you. 

We wanted lovers of other baby brands to find out how mild and gentle our baby skin care routine can be. We asked hundreds of parents across the USA to try our products for seven days – and at the end, share their honest Baby Dove reviews.

Baby Dove 9 out of 10 parents

9 out 10 parents would recommend Baby Dove*

So, why are these parents recommending us for your baby skin care routine? 

Our formulas are specially made for moisturizing baby skin. We blend 100% skin-natural nutrients to help skin retain its natural moisture. 

It was the number one thing parents AJ and Alyssa noticed when they switched from Aveeno: “The moisture stayed in her skin, rather than being put on her skin.” 

If you’re a parent, you know what to look for in newborn skin care: formulas without parabens, phthalates, dyes, coloring, and sometimes fragrance.

All of our products are sulfate, phthalate, dye and paraben-free, plus they’re hypoallergenic. Each formula is pediatrician recommended and dermatologist tested – so you know you can trust it. 

And every product is suitable from day one – giving our signature care for newborns, right up to whenever you want.

Parents Kat and Giovano wish they’d discovered Baby Dove from the start: “If this is what his skin looks like now, can you guys imagine what it would be like if we’d been using Baby Dove since he was born?”

Which brand do you go to for the best newborn baby products? See if you’ll make the Baby Dove switch after seven days, and share your review with #BabyDoveSwitchChallenge.

*based on a US consumer study of 315 participants 

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