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The 10 New Travel Essentials To Pack On Your Next Trip

  • 1
    First-Aid Kit

    You can’t always rely on flight freebies to provide medication, especially if you have a particular condition that needs treatment. Stock up on your antihistamines, paracetamol, and more before boarding the flight. You’ll thank yourself later when you suddenly suffer from an allergic reaction and you can’t find a drugstore.

  • 2
    Eco Bag

    These days, eco bags are no longer painfully normcore and have expanded to cooler designs (read: it’s no longer geeky to tote one). With initiatives to go greener, many places across the world no longer offer plastic bags. Keep track of your souvenirs and make it easier for you to move around by stashing all your stuff into a decent eco bag.

  • 3
    Water Bottle/Insulated Travel Mug

    Before you start exploring the city, remember to take a wide-mouth water bottle. It can come in handy to avoid dehydration. Plus, constantly buying bottled water abroad can get pricey. If you can’t live without your caffeine, then bring an insulated container to give you that much-needed charge. You’re reducing waste by not relying on single-use bottles and mugs, too.

  • 4
    Leather Care Kit

    This is especially crucial if you’re on a business trip! You don’t know how your leather shoes will react to the change in weather and constant walking. Maintain well-polished shoes that make a good impression. There are travel-sized shoe polishing kits you can purchase that won’t take up too much space.

  • 5
    Cable Organizer

    No adult should go about their day suffering the tangled web that is one’s mixed-up tech cords. There are cable pouches and ties readily available in the market. They weigh next to nothing but pack a punch in organizing your life.

  • 6
    Travel-Appropriate, Double-Duty Products

    Space is an important commodity when traveling, so if you can bring items that serve more than one purpose, the better. Plus, your grooming needs change when you travel, since you’re exposed to various environments (like airplane cabins and public transport) and new climates—all causing your hair and skin to react.

    You could opt for moisturizer that doubles as aftershave and lip balm with SPF. As for your shampoo, you need one that not only cuts grease but treats the scalp to lessen hair fall. Dove Men +Care Strengthening Shampoo helps reduce hair fall due to breakage, which you’re sure to experience while traveling.

  • 7
    Anti-Inflammatory Skincare

    If you’re prone to the “Asian flush” when drinking or you tend to redden upon contact with a colder climate, you must treat it with special care. Consider a thicker moisturizer and a gentle facial wash to combat a ruddy complexion.

  • 8
    Space Bags/Folding Pack

    No puzzle can mystify more than figuring out how to stuff every article of clothing inside your luggage while leaving room to bring home souvenirs. Luckily, there are some nifty space-saving products that can do the job for you. Those packing cubes and shoe bags you were gifted in Christmases past will sure come in handy now!

  • 9
    Ergonomic Neck Pillow

    Being adventurous doesn’t mean having to suffer a crick in the neck. Now you can sleep comfortably wherever you go so that you can replenish your energy for another day of exploring.

  • 10
    Portable WiFi

    Access to the Internet is important especially when traveling alone, so that you can navigate and research on the go. Not to mention, it will ensure your safety as you can maintain communication with those who might be concerned for your well-being back home.

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