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Discover beauty behind skin conditions: Dove DermaSeries

Make peace with your skin: Dove DermaSeries

How many of us are on a quest for perfect skin? A flawless complexion is a dream the media has always teased us with – and for women with sensitive and extremely skin, an idea of beauty they have a hard time relating to. With Dove DermaSeries, we've designed a range to help women who live with sensitive and extremely dry skin, get the care their skin needs – and we’re on a mission to change the way skin situation is seen in society too. To give women with unique skin the representation they’ve been lacking, even by the ads aimed at them.

Helping women all around the world build a positive body image is important to us  – and sometimes, it can come down to feeling comfortable in your own skin. So for this campaign, we're celebrating ordinary women who live with extraordinary skin. Women just like the ones in this gallery. They’ve shared their personal journeys of living with sensitive and extremely dry skin, from ups and downs, to turning points and tips. Because the more we share our experiences, the better chance we have of making peace with our skin, and of proving that real beauty includes everyone. Whatever their skin condition.

Read about their journeys below.


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