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Dove Beauty is cruelty-free

Real beauty is cruelty-free

Dove advocates for a cruelty-free society, which is why it does not test its products on animals. It is proud to say that for over three decades, it has kept its products at their best through the use of non-animal approaches. 

Because of Dove’s advocacy, it has been certified as cruelty-free by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. Within the next year, you’ll be able to see the PETA cruelty-free logo across all of our products. In support of Dove, our parent company, Unilever, has also announced its support to calls for a global ban on animal testing, much like the EU ban. .

About Peta

PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals started in 1980 and now has 6.5 million members and supporters, making it the world’s largest animal rights organization. It campaigns against animal exploitation and abuse while encouraging and influencing lawmakers and organizations to put an end to the use of animals wherever and whenever possible. Through its Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free certification, PETA has set the gold standard for enabling consumers to make compassionate purchases. The organization has a list of companies that don’t test on animals and who manufacture cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care products. Once you see the PETA cruelty-free logo on a product, you can trust that the product wasn’t tested on animals.