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What to do with cradle cap

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    Using a gentle shampoo.

    “We used a special cradle cap shampoo, which helped with our little boy. We kept on using it for a while after the crust had cleared up, just in case” – Chris, dad of one. A mild shampoo for babies, such as Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo, can also soften and remove the crust. It’s a good idea to moisturise, too, with a conditioner, such as the Sensitive Moisture Baby Conditioner. It can help minimise dryness and prevent further irritation

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    “Try rubbing some coconut oil into the scalp about 30 minutes before bathtime. Then, giving their hair a thorough wash should remove the oil and help to remove the flakes, too” – Garen, dad of two 

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    Brushing, not picking.

    “Because it doesn’t look very nice, I really wanted to pick at the crust! But I know that can make it sore, so I had to remind myself that it isn’t as bad as it looks and to leave my baby’s head alone!” – Jenny, mum of one. Rather than picking, try brushing your baby’s head with a soft bristle brush to gently remove any loose pieces of crust

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    Keeping baby’s head dry.

    Sweating probably won’t help cradle cap, because it gets trapped under the scaly skin, making it itch. Your little one might need a hat in cooler weather, but try to remove it when you get inside and dry their head if it gets wet