How to avoid white antiperspirant deodorant stains

How to avoid white antiperspirant deodorant stains

  • 1
    Invisible protection.

    First, you’ll need the right antiperspirant deodorant. Try Dove Invisible Solid Antipersirant, Original Clean, which glides on clear

  • 2
    Folding tricks.

    A good trick for avoiding marks altogether is to fold over the hem of the garment before slipping it on – if you do catch a mark, it’ll be on the inside of the fabric, so just unroll the fold and your LBD will come out unscathed. Genius

  • 3
    Let it dry.

    The most basic piece of advice? Wait for your antiperspirant deodorant to dry before getting dressed. If you can, apply your antiperspirant deodorant first and save getting dressed till the last minute to minimise the risk of white-mark catastrophe

  • 4
    Switch up your routine.

    Then again, depending on the cut of your clothes, you might find it better to get dressed before putting on your antiperspirant deodorant. This way you already know where to apply it to avoid getting it on your outfit

  • 5
    Use tights.

    Arrived at the bash of the year only to realize that your antiperspirant deodorant has also made a splash – all over your party dress? Just head off to the bathroom, whip off your tights, and use them to rub the marks away – the nylon fibers help diffuse the stain

  • 6
    Be prepared.

    Keep a pack of baby wipes in your handbag in case of emergencies (i.e. liberal deodorant spraying in the office bathroom). Dab and pat the mark away but don’t rub, or you might make it worse