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Dove How to tame frizzy hair

How to tame frizzy hair

Sadly, frizzy hair affects most of us at some point – shout out to rain and humidity, thanks guys! It’s tough trying to keep flyaway hair under control when it seems to have a life of its own. Until now that is – we’re putting our foot down: welcome to your anti-frizz life.

  • 1

    Keep it conditioned.

    Keep hair satisfied with a rich conditioner. If you find your hair frizzing up between washes, a leave-in conditioner can help, too, by helping strands maintain their shiny look and feel 

  • 2

    Protect from heat damage.

    Sometimes dry, frizzy hair is damaged hair in disguise. Using a heat protection spray when heat styling will help keep your hair protected from the straighteners or tongs, so you can get the style you want without compromising on healthy, strong hair

  • 3

    Dry gently.

    Hairdryers and rubbing vigorously with towels can disturb your hair’s cuticles and cause frizz: pat hair dry with your towel instead of rubbing to avoid any extra friction

  • 4

    Prevent flyaways with serum.

    When hair is damp, use a few drops of hair oil or a serum like Dove Style+Care Frizz Proof Cream-Serum to nourish hair, helping to smooth frizz and tame unruly, flyaway hair