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Dove Conditioner for dry hair

Conditioner for dry hair

Have you got dry hair? It’s pretty easy to identify: if your hair can be unmanageable and frizzy, it’s probably dry (and if your hair is curly it’s often dry too). Sounds familiar? Then you’re going to need the best conditioner for dry hair you can find to keep it nourished and looking its best.

  • Dove Conditioner for dry hair

    Restore and replenish hair oils.

    The key to treating dry hair is to replenish its lipids (protective oils that coat your hair). They help to protect it from damage and help make it smooth and shiny

  • Dove Conditioner for dry hair

    Treat dry hair daily.

    For dry hair, Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner is a great choice. It gently nourishes and detangles your hair to leave it beautifully soft, but without being greasy or weighed down

  • Dove Conditioner for dry hair

    Don’t lose the volume.

    Nourishing dry hair doesn’t mean weighing it down. Dove Strength & Fullness Boost Conditioner nourishes your hair at a cellular level,* and when used with the Dove Strength & Fullness Boost Shampoo helps to boost volume for visibly thicker hair.

  • Dove Conditioner for dry hair

    Prevent future breakage

    Is your dry hair also damaged? A weekly intensive repair conditioner will help provide protection from heat and breakage. Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo helps nourish your hair. Use it with Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner to strengthen your hair bonds and prevent split ends – all in one minute.