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Dove How to prevent split ends

How to avoid split ends

Ah, the split end – our hair’s biggest enemy and the discovery that sends us running to the hairdressers looking for salvation. But contrary to what you might think, going for the chop is not the only option for getting rid of them. When it comes to how to treat split ends, there are a few things you can do to reconstruct and avoid them.

  • 1

    Find out the cause.

    Get to know what causes split ends so you know what you’re dealing with. Popular culprits include everything from UV damage and colouring to blow drying and even just everyday wear and tear

  • 2

    Use a hair care range designed to repair and protect. 

    Our Intensive Repair Shampoo with Keratin Repair Actives offers an alternative solution so you don’t have to turn to the scissors. It immediately repairs the hair surface, while progressively nourishing the core of each stand, making hair healthier and stronger each day 

  • 3

    Pamper your hair.

    A hair mask, such as Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask, a couple of times a week will keep hair looking healthy and make frazzled ends less visible

  • 4

    Be gentle.

    Brushing your hair when it’s wet can also cause breakages and frayed ends, so enlist a wide-tooth comb instead, which will detangle your hair much more kindly and without snagging

  • 5

    Use a serum.

    For day-to-day improvement, look for a hair serum to nourish the ends of hair. Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil regenerate the healthy properties of even extremely damaged hair 


  • 6

    Shower your hair with love.

    It may look tough, but it’s more delicate than you’d think. Go easy while towel drying, patting moisture out instead of rubbing, and use brushes with natural bristles