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Chelsea & Caralyn

In "An Hour With Her," Dove Real Beauty Productions tells the story of inspiring women who mentor girls to build their self-esteem. From an early age, Chelsea was bullied about her looks, driving her to feelings of anxiety and depression. As a teen, she found hope in the Dove Self-Esteem Project, which she credits with helping her break through years of self-doubt to embrace her natural beauty and gain the confidence to follow her dreams.

Now a successful actress, Chelsea wants to help young people reach their full potential. She spends an #HourWithHer with Caralyn, a talented high school actress whose confidence in her own beauty has been shaken by cyberbullying. In their powerful #HourWithHer, Chelsea shares her emotional journey, inspiring Caralyn to step into the spotlight.

Spend an #HourWithHer

Behind the Scenes

Chelsea and Caralyn worked with Dove Real Beauty Productions’ 100% female crew to share their story.

More About the Film

Meet the director of the latest film from Dove Real Beauty Productions and see how you can help build a confident generation of girls.