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Take care, be safe

Our community cares for themselves and those around them. And in times like these, it’s care that will get us through.

We're taking action to contribute to global efforts. We’ve partnered with Dad Central to create resources for supporting Dads at home. Additionally, we're donating products to those who need them most and sharing official World Health Organization guidance on hand washing. Find out more below:



We’ve partnered with Dad Central to promote involved fatherhood across Canada. We've combined our network of researchers, communities and dads, to create and share resources to educate Dads and help them support their family. We’ll share advice for life right now – like working from home with kids – as well as the bigger conversations that are important to us, like paternity leave. We’ll be sending information directly to Dads, with access to workshops, webinars and conferences. And, with the help of the Dad Central community, we’ll connect Dads with each other to share their experience of fatherhood.


Care is the foundation of all that we do: how we take care of ourselves, and our community. We’re doing everything we can to support government initiatives and help deliver care to vulnerable people and medical staff, wherever we can. Together with our Dove family – Dove, Baby Dove and Dove DermaSeries – we’re donating products to help those who need it most stay safe. 

We’re providing personal care and beauty products to front-line medical workers and hospitals; including hotels providing accommodation for nurses, in-field hospitals and first responders across Canada.


As a brand that cares, we're redirecting media investment behind some of our advertising to reinforce the WHO's hand washing education. Through reinforcing the importance of proper and frequent washing, we can help you take care of yourself, your loved ones and the world. It doesn’t matter which brand of soap you use, just remember to do it often.


Globally, Unilever – the owner of Dove, will contribute $153 million to help the fight against the pandemic through donations of soap, sanitizer, bleach and food. This includes:

  • A product donation of soaps and sanitizer of at least US$76 million to the COVID Action Platform of the World Economic Forum, which is supporting global health organisations and agencies with their response to the emergency. In addition to the supply of soap, Unilever will adapt its current manufacturing lines to produce sanitizer for use in hospitals, schools and other institutional settings
  • Product donations, partnerships and handwashing education programmes, delivered through national health authorities and NGOs, to support local communities most at need