Dove Men+Care 6 paternity leave tips

6 paternity leave tips for new dads

  • 1
    Andy, father of three

    “Take as much paternity leave as you can afford. And switch off your ‘work brain’.”

  • 2
    Jason, father of two

    “Have diapers and a change of clothes within arm’s reach at all times: there will be a poop explosion. It will happen, so don’t get caught unprepared.”

  • 3
    Gareth, dad to a 7-month-old-son

    “Work as a team with your partner and do some research in the lead up to the birth – there’s a lot to learn.” 

  • 4
    Johnny, father of two

    “I wish I knew, before taking paternity leave, how little you’re realistically going to achieve. You might imagine doing something big with all that time off – a week’s holiday in the sun with the family, maybe – and while I’m sure that’s possible, most days it’s a triumph if you’ve managed to make it to the store, or tidied up the house.”

  • 5
    Jaron, father of two

    “Avoid over-planning – one activity a day with your child is plenty, then plan time for yourself.”

  • 6
    Carnell, dad to an 11-year old son

    “Know that you are no longer at the forefront of decisions made – your child will always come first.”