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Click here to watch our range of Confident Me training videos – all designed to help you deliver self-esteem workshops successfully.

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Confident Me – training videos for teachers

Confident Me – training videos for teachers

The Confident Me school resources are designed to help every student in your school develop positive body confidence. Both the single session and five session teacher resources have been created in partnership with experts from the Dove Self-Esteem Project and have been proven to increase self-esteem in young people. 

Your school may already be doing activities that encourage body confidence, or it may be an issue that hasn’t been tackled before. Either way Confident Me is designed to help your school on its journey to building body confidence. By taking some action, no matter how small, you can help improve attitudes in your school. 

To provide additional support, we have created six training videos to help teachers deliver this content in the classroom. 

Introduction to body confidence

DSEP - Introduction to body confidence

This video provides an overview of body confidence, giving you the background needed to deliver a Confident Me self-esteem workshop at your school. We’ll show you the impact that low body confidence can have on young people, introduce body image myths and also give you an overview of the Dove Self-Esteem Project and its approach to increasing self-esteem amongst young people.

Video duration: 6 minutes

Workshop lesson plan & material

DSEP - Workshop lesson plan & material

This video introduces the range of Confident Me resources available – both the single session and the five sessions. Resources include a lesson plan, a student presentation and student activity sheets. The video also helps you understand how to best use these materials to run your own self-esteem workshop.

Video duration: 4 minutes

Workshop content overview

DSEP - Workshop content overview

The core objectives of a body confidence workshop are explored in this video. Hints and tips for specific activities are also provided to ensure that you’re fully prepared to deliver your own self-esteem workshop. 

Video duration: 7 minutes

How to create the right environment

DSEP - How to create the right environment

What are potential ground rules that need to be set, when is it recommended to split into single-sex groups and how can you initiate a strategy that your whole school can use to promote positive body image? All of these questions and more are covered in this short video. 

Video duration: 4 minutes

When to adapt the lesson plan

DSEP - When to adapt the lesson plan

We know that you are the expert when it comes to your students and how best to support them, but this quick training session provides a couple of points which research has shown help to increase body confidence amongst young people. The video also looks at things other teachers have told us are useful to know when using the Confident Me teacher resources.  

Video duration: 6 minutes

Tips for challenging questions

DSEP - Tips for challenging questions

Difficult situations can always come up in the classroom. This video addresses some of the challenging situations teachers may face during the Confident Me self-esteem workshops by providing strategies to deal with them. 

Video duration: 4 minutes