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Confidence Kit: A Tool To Support Your Child in Building Self-Esteem

Confidence Kit: A Tool To Support Your Child in Building Self-Esteem

For young people, building self-esteem and body confidence can be an on-going journey. That’s why we created the Confidence Kit: a conversation guide filled with self-esteem boosting activities and resources to help you identify key issues that might be affecting a child in your life – and help them reach their full potential. 

Working with global psychology experts, we’ve gathered evidence-based information on the key topics that can impact a young person’s self-esteem and body image. From peer, societal and mainstream media pressures, to teasing, bullying and toxic beauty standards on social media, the Confidence Kit will help you navigate these topics together. Each section includes a clear action checklist – including pointers to help you make constructive changes and initiate conversations around these subjects.

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Inside our Confidence Kit, you can find body confidence boosting tips and expert advice, like our 4 step guide to help parents, guardians, role models and young people detox their feeds and make social media a space of empowerment and positivity.

Download the Confidence Kit below to discover more and start the conversation today. Let’s nurture body confidence and self-esteem together, so we can help young people define beauty on their own terms.

Confidence Kit