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Baby Dove Science behind baby's skin

Things you need to know about baby skin

Your baby's skin is very different to your own. Not only is it softer and smoother than yours, it also has that irresistible 'new-baby' smell. But do you understand how baby skin is so different to adult skin?

“The five main differences between adults’ and babies’ skin are that baby skin loses water faster, is thinner, more sensitive, and has immature temperature control – while also being more susceptible to diseases,” explains pediatric dermatologist and mom, Dr Kerstin.

“The epidermal layer of babies’ skin is still developing,” adds Tracey Barber, children’s nurse and mom of two. “It’s the biggest organ in the body in terms of surface area and it’s not fully formed until about 24 months of age.” Baby skin also has less lipids and a more acidic pH than adult skin, Tracey explains, which makes it extremely fragile and susceptible to dryness and damage.

So it’s definitely worth remembering that “children aren’t mini adults when it comes to skincare,” as Dr Zilda, another expert in infant dermatology (and a mom herself) points out. “Using products that are developed specifically for sensitive baby skin, and avoiding ones aimed at adults, is the best way to care for it.”

With our 60 years of skincare expertise behind us, we understand that delicate baby skin needs specially formulated baby products to keep it healthy-looking and moisturized. That’s why we created Baby Dove.

From baby lotion to wipes, the Baby Dove range has been formulated with these important differences in mind. For instance, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo isn’t just pH-neutral; it supports the natural moisture balance of your baby’s scalp, and it also combines gentle baby-friendly cleansers and glycerine for mild cleansing and to help retain moisture in baby’s scalp. And Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion replenishes and protects vital lipids in babies’ skin, supporting its natural barrier function and maintaining moisture levels for up to 24 hours. Every product in the range is hypoallergenic too, so you can keep your little one’s skin clean, soft and healthy-looking, while minimizing allergy risks.

What’s more, dermatologists, pediatricians and our own team of scientists (many of whom are parents themselves) put all our baby products to the test, meaning you can be sure they provide gentle, effective skincare for babies and toddlers alike. So whichever mild and nourishing Baby Dove product you choose, you know your little one’s delicate skin is in good hands.

“When you’re a new mom, there are a billion things to think about, so you don’t want to worry about what you put on your baby,” says Kimberly Day, a mother of two and senior scientist in the Baby Dove research team. “Knowing something is appropriate to use on your baby and is developed specifically for your baby is one less thing to think about.” We couldn’t agree more.