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Dove relaxing shower

A mom, a teacher and an entrepreneur on creating a relaxing shower

If you like to start the day feeling calm, centered, or need to unwind in the evening, the shower can be more than just somewhere we go to get clean: it’s also the perfect place to relax. Take mom Claire, teacher Alice and entrepreneur Beth: three women who, despite very different daily lives, all rely on a relaxing shower to relieve stress. To help you transform that rushed routine into a blissful moment of me-time, we asked them to reveal how they make the most of their shower – so you can make it your ultimate happy place, too.


Mom-of-two Claire grabs those precious moments of me-time with both hands, whenever she possibly can. “Being a mom is so full on and constant,” she told us. “I’m more than ready to switch off and relax in the evenings. Largely for my own sanity, but also so that I can prepare myself for the same madness tomorrow!” Most people associate relaxing with baths, bubbles and candles but for many moms, finding the time just isn’t realistic – so don’t ask Claire for relaxing bath ideas. “A shower can be just as relaxing as a bath,” says Claire. “By the time the kids are fed, bathed and in bed, it’s already pretty late, so a relaxing shower makes way more sense.”

Claire’s tips: For Claire, it’s the magic three: “hard water pressure, a nice hot temperature and the perfect products. It’s important that my shower is a good one! If that’s on point and you add a moisturizing body wash or shower foam to the mix, it creates your own little bubble of warm relaxation – even if it is just for a few minutes.”



To make sure she’s on top of her game for the busy day ahead, teacher Alice makes a relaxing shower part of her morning routine. “My classroom is non-stop, so I like to make sure that I start the day calm and collected,” she told us. The teaching day begins early, so time is precious for Alice. “A relaxing shower is perfect; it means that I can start the day in the best possible way and I have time to get in early and organize my classroom, too,” she told us.  

Alice’s tips: Here’s a lesson in relaxation from Alice: “A calming lavender scent immediately helps me to feel more relaxed. I think it’s because I associate it with massages and scented candles so it really does the trick.”

If lavender is your go-to for a relaxing shower, there’s a Dove body wash perfect for the job. Our Purely Pampering Relaxing Lavender Body Wash soothes your skin and your senses for an in-shower spa experience.



Relaxation is an essential part of Beth’s self-care routine (and happiness).  As an entrepreneur and mindfulness coach, she balances running a business and being a mom; a relaxing shower gives her mind and body a well deserved break, allowing her to chill out, reconnect and let go. “Showers help to soften all the muscles in my body, bringing me back to my center and washing away any negativity I might be holding,” she said. “I find it healing and re-energizing.”

Beth’s tips: Wondering how to pamper yourself at home? Beth’s got the answer: “Make your shower experience a ritual that represents you. For me, a relaxing shower is a mindful, sensory experience, so I focus on my breathing, the sounds and scents around me, and the feeling of the water massaging my skin.”

If refreshing your skin helps to refresh your mind too, combine the power of exfoliation with the relaxing power of lavender. Infused with ¼ moisturizing cream and a soothing lavender scent, our Dove Relaxing Body Wash with Lavender and Chamomile leaves your skin softer, smoother, and delicately fragranced.

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