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The best skin care routine for acne prone skin

As anyone who has experienced acne will know, nailing skin care for acne prone skin can be hard, since ingredients, and how we use them, can make a huge difference to how our skin looks and feels. But it’s not just the delicate skin on our face we need to take special care of – more than half of people with acne are conscious of it on their back, with around 15% experiencing acne around the chest area too. Read on for the best skin care routine for acne when it comes to the body. Glowing, clear skin from top to toe needn’t be out of reach any longer.

Cleanse twice a day

While we don’t know the exact reason some people develop acne and others don’t, we know that acne tends to develop when hair follicles in the skin become clogged thanks to our sebaceous glands producing too much of an oily substance called sebum. When blocked follicles become inflamed or infected, painful cysts can appear which is why it’s so important to cleanse the face and body regularly, to keep bacteria at bay. Getting into the habit of a thorough face and body cleanse morning and night is important, especially if you work in a polluted area, wear makeup daily (including body makeup) or have been sweating, as this can make acne worse. Our light, gel-like Dove Body Love Acne Clear Body Cleanser is formulated with salicylic acid and bamboo extract to help clear acne and prevent new blemishes from appearing.

Exfoliate gently

While regular exfoliation is great for most skin types, those with acne should be mindful of over-exfoliating or rubbing skin too hard. Vigorous scrubbing can make skin angry, as can popping or picking pimples. Gentle exfoliation, however, helps lift away surface debris which can plug follicles and exacerbate acne. Choose a gentle option to lightly buff away surface grease, bacteria and dead skin cells, like our Dove Exfoliating Body Polish (we love the ‘moderate’ strength, with Pomegranate Seeds and Shea Butter). PH-balanced and formulated with naturally-derived cleansers, expect instant skin softness and lasting smoothness.

Avoid hot temperatures

Sorry sun-worshippers, it might be time to rethink. Ever noticed how acne seems to get worse in the summer months? Hot temperatures can worsen acne, since hot, humid weather usually means more sweat and oil accumulation on skin, which in turn leads to blocked pores. Regularly wiping or touching skin can spread bacteria too, which isn’t a great combination. Try to avoid extreme temperatures where possible. This includes showers, since very hot or very cold showers can make acne worse. Instead, stick to washing in lukewarm water and if you do overheat or get sweaty – at the gym or on vacation for example – don’t leave it too long before showering (our Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is a great gym or travel companion).


It’s tempting to skip moisturizing when skin feels oily or greasy but moisturizing regularly is vital for anyone with acne. If skin becomes dry, our body produces more oil to compensate, which can lead to more breakouts. Choosing a moisturizer that works for your skin type will stop it from becoming dry and irritated, breaking the vicious cycle. Try our fragrance-free Dove Body Love Sensitive Care Body Lotion which soothes and cares for dry, sensitive skin.

Don’t forget the SPF

Did you know that some acne medications can make the skin extra sensitive to ultraviolet light? Even if you’re not taking acne medication, it’s still important to use plenty of SPF. As well as protecting us from skin cancer and premature aging, wearing SPF is especially important for acne sufferers because UV exposure from the sun can damage our skin’s natural barrier and cause dryness. This results in an increase in oil production, triggering unwanted breakouts and acne flare-ups. Exactly what we don’t want. Keep SPF to hand when the sun comes out – just choose a non-comedogenic version (AKA one that won’t clog pores) where possible.

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