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6 ways to help dry hands

  • Why are my hands so dry?
    Why are my hands so dry?

    Many factors can trigger dry, cracked skin on hands, from extreme temperature changes (like hot water or cold weather) to over-washing, stress and getting older. Using harsh chemicals when you’re cleaning the house can also cause dry hands, stripping away the oils that keep your skin barrier strong and healthy. A great excuse to avoid chores? We're saying nothing.

  • Can you get dry skin on hands from over-washing?
    Can you get dry skin on hands from over-washing?

    We all know the importance of keeping our hands clean, but dry skin from washing hands is a real problem. The good news? Using the right products can make a huge difference. Try our luxuriously rich foaming hand wash or gentle gel hand wash. Wear gloves when you're doing the dishes to limit the dehydrating effects of hot water on your skin.

  • How to help dry hands
    How to help dry hands

    It may sound obvious, but the main cause of dry skin is a lack of moisture. If you’re feeling thirsty, your skin could be thirsty too. Ordinary hand sanitizers can be drying, but our Nourishing Hand Sanitizer with Moisture Renew Blend leaves your hands soft and is 99% effective against germs. Also, remember to keep a great hand cream close to hand.

  • What to put on dry skin to help your hands
    What to put on dry skin to help your hands

    Aim to nourish dry hands at every stage of your daily routine. Switch to a gentle beauty bar or hand wash to replenish moisture – ordinary soap bars can strip it away. Our Foaming Hand Wash contains a blend of five skin nutrients and moisturizers, with no sulfates or parabens. Rinse with cool water and follow with a hydrating hand cream.

  • How to fix dry hands overnight
    How to fix dry hands overnight

    Dry hands love to be pampered – why not give them a treat while you catch your well-earned beauty sleep? For a DIY hand mask, cover them with a generous amount of hand cream and wear cotton gloves (clean socks work on hands too). Covering your dry skin helps to prevent lotion from rubbing off during the night and acts like a mini hand facial. Sleeping Beauty has nothing on you.

  • How to get rid of dry skin
    How to get rid of dry skin

    When it comes to relieving dry skin on the rest of your body, the general rule with moisture is: more is more. Keep a nourishing body wash and lotion in the bathroom, an intensive lotion in the bedroom and a hand cream in your bag to cover all bases, even on the go. Rub lotion into your dry hands and dry skin generously, as often as you need.

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