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Dove Body Wash with Ceramides

Dove Body Wash helps your body produce the ceramides it needs.

Our new breakthrough, backed by clinical proof, shows just how effective Dove Body Washes are at caring for your skin. The reason? One word: ceramides. Ceramides have become big news in beauty. And with good reason – they’re one of the things that helps your skin stay moisturized and healthy.


But the ceramide care in new Dove Body Washes is different. How? Rather than adding a ‘one-size-fits-all’ synthetic ceramide to our body washes, we now know that the Moisture Renew Blend in all our Dove Body Washes actually works with your skin to help it naturally produce ceramides of its own, made just for you.


Our team of scientists have discovered that after your shower, Moisture Renew Blend continues to be used by the skin to make ceramides of its own. Our latest clinical breakthrough directly traced the Moisture Renew Blend deposited after washing with our formula worked with skin to create new ceramides. It’s a true step-change for Dove because it shows that Dove Body Wash allows every skin to make its own ceramides – helping to build a strong skin barrier to keep moisture locked in.


Dove is a brand that has always understood that there’s beauty in individuality – that’s what the ‘real beauty’ promise has always been founded on. And now this exciting clinical breakthrough means our products treat you like an individual, too.

The science of ceramide care

So, what are ceramides, and how do they help your skin? They’re a type of lipid that naturally occur in the stratum corneum, or upper layer of the skin. Think of ceramides as the ‘mortar’ that surrounds your skin cells, helping them maintain a great skin structure and keeping moisture and nourishment safely locked in. Ceramides nourish and care for your skin contributing to a healthy skin barrier – and without a healthy skin barrier, skin can become dry, itchy or irritated.


Ceramides can occur naturally in the skin, but they can also be increasingly found in beauty products. Unlike our proprietary Moisture Renew Blend, the ceramides added through products might not necessarily get to work where they need to. “Ceramides can be too large, and if they are added topically rather than being produced within the skin, they will have a harder time penetrating the stratum corneum than our Moisture Renew Blend,” says John Bajor, Dove Research & Development.


Moisture Renew Blend

Dove’s Moisture Renew Blend, found in every single Dove Body Wash, nourishes the skin and works with your skin to produce its own ceramides. It’s scientifically proven to work with the existing moisturizers in your skin to help it produce the ceramides it needs to provide lasting moisture.


Result: moisturizing care that’s made for you, for your skin, by your skin.


And whereas other ceramide products might only moisturize the skin initially, through new research, Dove’s team of scientists have discovered that the moisturizers in our Moisture Renew Blend are continuously used by the skin to create ceramides – meaning it helps keep your skin beautifully soft and smooth both instantly and over time.

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