6 tips for a relaxing shower

  • 1
    Make a relaxing shower playlist.

    One minute you’re unwinding to the sound of classical strings, the next it’s your gym pump-up playlist. So, take the stress out of shuffle and make a relaxing shower playlist, full of music that relaxes you. All you have to do is hit play before you hop in the shower, and enjoy your fine-tuned playlist, free of any unwanted surprises

  • 2
    Turn down the lights.

    Bright lighting – it’s perfect for the finishing touches on your makeup, but those gleaming LED lights just aren’t very relaxing. If you’ve got a dimmer switch, turn it down a few notches. If you haven’t, switch them off completely and go old school with a few candles arranged around the bathroom. The warm flickering light creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing shower

  • 3
    Rely on a relaxing fragrance.

    If you’re wondering how to pamper youself at home, a lavender body wash is a good place to start. The calming scent of our Purely Pampering Relaxing Lavender Body Wash will leave you feeling instantly relaxed, while our caring formula with Dove NutriumMoisture technology works to leave your skin softer and smoother

  • 4
    Get the water temperature just right.

    Whether you like to start the day calm and collected or unwind in the evening, you’ll need to get the water temperature ‘just so’ to get the effect you want. Too cold might give you a wake up call, but it’s not a very relaxing way to start your day. Too hot can disrupt your body’s natural cooling if you’re showering before bed – so stick to warm water to make the most of a relaxing shower

  • 5
    Carry on the pampering.

    For an even more pampering experience, add a nourishing exfoliating polish to your relaxing shower routine. Dove Crushed Macadamia Exfoliating Body Polish buffs away dull, dry skin and fills the room with a delicious scent – for a real in-shower spa experience. But we’re firm believers that pampering shouldn’t stop at the shower, so follow up with your favorite Dove body lotion to lock in moisture too

  • 6
    Take the bath into your shower.

    Still longing for some bubbles to truly unwind? You don’t need to run a bath to get that indulgent lather – wrap yourself in a cloud of care with our Relaxing Lavender Shower Foam. The light, airy foam with notes of calming lavender will leave you with that pampered bath feeling in a flash

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