3 ways to get (and maintain) radiant skin

  • Dove Exfoliate with care
    Exfoliate with care

    There are different methods and tools to exfoliate the skin, but the most common are physical exfoliants like scrubs.  Dove Body Love Radiance Renew Body Cleanser , made with pro-glow skin care ingredients like vitamin C serum and exfoliating minerals, hydrates and illuminates dull, uneven skin, leaving it looking beautifully radiant – while being very gentle on your skin. 

    For a deeper, yet gentle, exfoliation, apply Dove Exfoliate Away Body Cleanser with AHA. It promotes surface skin cell turnover, to transform rough bumpy skin to a refined, softer texture. 

  • Dove Double down on moisture
    Double down on moisture

    If you’re wondering how to get radiant skin on your body, we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s all about the pre-cleanse.  Dove Body Love Moisture Boost Pre-Cleanse Shower Butter  is a silky, nourishing butter you apply to wet skin to double down on moisture, before following with the  Moisture Boost Body Cleanser . Add it into your shower routine and see the difference it can make for your skin. 

  • Dove Apply SPF early and often
    Apply SPF early and often

    One of the most important steps in radiant skin care? SPF. As you probably know, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and is used in topical applications (that means, applied to the surface of your skin) to help protect from harmful UV rays. As long exposure to UV rays can cause your skin to lose more moisture, protecting your skin from damaging factors like the sun will help you get glowing, healthy-looking skin.