Dove 5 antiperspirants for the summer vacation + festival season

5 antiperspirants for the summer vacation + festival season

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    Want something to stay fresh on your flight?

    Just squeeze our Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Stick into your carry-on luggage. This small but powerful travel essential gives you 72-hour sweat and underarm odor protection with the crisp, refreshing scent of orange flower, lavender and oakmoss. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream and infused with vitamin E, our formula also helps retain your skin’s moisture and protects it against dryness.

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    Going on a summer vacation with lots of walking + activities?

    If your vacation is more hikes and bike rides than lounging by the beach or pool, you need a summer deodorant for hot weather that can handle the pace. For your next adventure, pack our Sandalwood + Orange Antiperspirant Dry Spray. It has a woody, summery scent. Plus, it gives your underarms 48-hour sweat and odor protection.

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    Does extra sweat give you dry, irritated skin on vacations?

    Skin irritation from sweat and chafing (not to mention the underarm dryness that follows) is a very common skin concern for guys, especially on hot summer vacations. If this sounds like you, pack our Smooth Glide Ocean Breeze Antiperspirant Stick. Formulated with glycerin and omega 6, our refreshing and gentle formula gives you 48-hour sweat and odor protection, and leaves irritated underarms feeling soothed and comforted.

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    What’s the perfect antiperspirant stick for summer festivals?

    Your search for the perfect festival deodorant is over. Our Extra Fresh Antiperspirant Stick has a citrusy bergamot, lavender and sandalwood scent. It has 72-hour sweat and odor protection. And it’s small enough to stow inside your fanny pack, so you can top up that freshness throughout the day. Because let’s be honest – it doesn’t get sweatier than a packed out festival crowd.

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    Going to a summer wedding or event?

    Our Stain Defence Cool Antiperspirant Dry Spray has an anti-white mark and anti-yellow stains formula that lets you dress your best – even if you’re one of the many guys out there who suffers from excessive sweating during summer. Just spray your underarms, slip on your favourite shirt and enjoy that rosemary, plum and sandalwood scent. Our non-irritant, instantly-drying formula will take care of the rest.

    For more tips on how to choose a deodorant or antiperspirant that’s right for you and your skin, check out our guide.

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