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Dove Men+Care How to find the right deodorant scent for you

How to find the right deodorant scent for you

When you smell good, you feel good. In fact, men’s deodorant scents can be just as important as the care they give, especially when you’re after long-lasting freshness. Our Ultimate range has three different scents for men and is suitable for sensitive skin – keep reading to find out how to choose the right deodorant scent from our revolutionary range.

Before we start

What makes the Ultimate range so revolutionary? By using water-based technology, each formula's base is almost completely odor-free. This means you can enjoy a cleaner scent that lasts longer. 

If you like fresh scents...

Our Ocean Breeze Smooth Glide Solid Antiperspirant is the one for you. With notes of black pepper, patchouli and lavender, this deodorant fragrance will revitalize and energize you after you get out of the shower and stay with you all day.

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If you like warm scents...

The top notes of juniper berries and herbs in our aromatic Juniper Wood Smooth Glide Solid Antiperspirant ooze sophistication. Perfect when you need to be on your A-game. 

If you like woody scents...

This soft, woody and addictive scent will grab your attention. Our Coastal Cedar Smooth Glide Solid Antiperspirant boasts notes of cedarwood, woody orris and madarin. It’s odor protection that packs a punch. 

Now you know all the scents our Ultimate range has to offer, which scented deodorant will you choose?

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