Dove Men+care Summer self-care for men: 6 top tips

Summer self-care for men: 6 top tips

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    Connect with nature

    From vacations on the beach and in the wilderness, to spending time in the yard or going for walks in the park on your lunch break, spending time outdoors is one of the best self-care tips for summer we can give you. Numerous studies suggest it’s great for our emotional well-being and can even improve sleep quality and boost motivation for exercise.

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    Exercise + meditate outside

    Speaking of exercise, why not take your workouts or meditation sessions outside to soak up the weather while you’re caring for your body and mind? If you’re new to meditation, that’s okay. Just read our five-step guide. And if you want the perfect post-exercise skin care duo, go for our Extra Fresh Body + Face Wash and Antiperspirant Dry Spray. They both have an invigorating mandarin and sandalwood scent that’s perfect for summer.

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    Wherever you travel, take your routine with you

    A grooming routine for men is just as important on vacation as it is any other day of the year. If space in your luggage or backpack is at a premium, pack a Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Stick and a caring and cleansing, multi-purpose formula like our 3N1 Peppermint Body + Face + Hair Wash. Our antiperspirant gives your underarms 72-hour sweat and odor protection, while our all-in-one wash leaves skin feeling rehydrated and refreshed.

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    Stay hydrated

    Drinking plenty of water throughout the day doesn’t just hydrate your body – it helps keep your skin healthy and hydrated, too. To add even more moisture to your summer self-care routine, try our Refreshing Hand + Body Lotion. It’s light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy. And it leaves your skin feeling instantly nourished and refreshed with 48-hour moisture.

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    Don’t forget the SPF

    No summer daily routine is complete unless you give skin the head-to-toe sun protection it needs. If your skin feels rough or dry from too many rays, try showering with our smoothing and hydrating Deep Clean Body + Face Wash before applying aftersun lotion. Infused with purifying grains, it gently scrubs skin and leaves it feeling refreshed with a citrus and cedarwood scent.

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    Connect with others, too

    Body care for men is important – but making social connections with others is just as crucial for our mental well-being. Organize a day or weekend out with your family and friends this summer. And if you need a few pointers for meeting new people, just read our guide.

    Want more than just summer tips for men? Check out our hub for year-round self-care advice.

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