Dove How to style long hair for men: 5 top tips

How to style long hair for men: 5 top tips

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    Trim every eight weeks

    You need a trim every eight weeks for longer hair. Growing it out is filled with awkward phases of puffed-out sides and unintentional mullets. Regular trims will tidy up your edges and add texture that’ll help you style your hair during this tricky growing phase. Even more importantly, it will also help keep your hair healthy by removing split ends.

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    Keep your hair hydrated

    When styling longer hair, it’s not unusual for it to puff up and frizz. To help avoid this, use a hydrating styling cream like Dove Men+Care Molding Paste on the middle and ends of your hair. This will add weight to keep it in place, while giving hair a matte, natural-looking finish. Don’t apply styling products to your roots, though – combined with your scalp’s natural oils, this can leave locks looking greasy.

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    Blow dry when needed

    When you leave your hair to dry naturally, it’s easy to shake into a low-maintenance look. But if you’re in a hurry (or in cold weather) a blow dryer is the best tool. Use the diffuser to spread the airflow. And set it to the lowest speed and the highest heat. Rather than blasting hair, this will help dry it in place, leaving you with a sleek, manageable style.

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    Don’t forget the conditioner

    When shampooing, combine this with a hydrating conditioner to avoid drying out your hair. Conditioner is nutrient-rich and those extra vitamins will help make your hair strong enough for longer styles. To save time, you can also add Dove Men+Care RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Renew 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner to your routine. Infused with vegan keratin equivalent to hair’s protein, it helps visibly repair dry, dull locks and regenerates the look and feel of healthy hair.*

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    Brush before bedtime

    When learning how to style long hair, men often forget the power of adding a quick brush to their night-time routine. This helps distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair, which helps keep it nourished and hydrated. 

    One more important piece of advice on how to style men’s long hair: If you want to avoid unwanted volume in the morning (or any other time of day), run your fingers through it to brush or style.

    To learn more about our unique RE+AL Bio-Mimetic hair care range, read our 101 guide.

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