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Marcia, 33, Law Firm Partner

Lawyer Marcia regularly receives compliments about her striking looks. However, during college and her early career, her intelligence has often been questioned as a result. People couldn’t seem to understand that someone with such beauty could also have brains. People ranging from colleagues, clients, and even judges have all chosen to judge.

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Marcia's story

Marcia's story

It was this judgement that made her excel in her field, proving to them that her looks have nothing to do with her capabilities. Despite their assumptions, she remained passionate about her job, and opened her own law firm.

For her today, beauty is not a physical feature. It’s success, intelligence and being comfortable in your own skin. Even with a busy schedule, Marcia volunteers her spare time to help women get out of abusive relationships, further expressing her passion in helping and standing up for other women.

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