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Judith, 66, Clinical Psychologist

Judith doesn’t dress like your “typical old lady” – but then again, she never dressed like a typical young lady, either.  As the daughter of an inventor, her father always encouraged her to stand out from the crowd.  But that didn’t stop her unique look being met with regular comments about her being too “hippy” and “eccentric.” Some even pointed out that, as a senior psychologist, she should not dress that way.

Woman in glasses smiling
Image of a model smiling and posing for the camera.

But what these people have never realized is, this is how Judith has always been and always will be. She has always had an eclectic dress sense, with great style and a striking hairstyle. She hasn’t changed the way she looks, her appearance or bent to social norms; she never did it then and definitely won’t be doing it now.

Judith is an individual who loves herself for who she is, and nobody will change that, regardless of the comments. She will always express herself the way she wants to, whether she is 6 or 66. 

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