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Grace, 41, Burlesque Dancer

From the age of nine, Grace was made aware that her nose was larger than average. It became a burden she lived with through school, being made fun of by cheerleaders and boys. As a result, she would hide behind her long hair and sense of humour, laughing when her best friend referred to her "hook" in front of the popular boys.

Woman (Grace) smiling in front of photo
Image of a model smiling and posing for the camera.

Grace's story

Grace's story

As she grew older, Grace began to find ways of embracing her nose. Punk rock gave her the confidence she needed to find her style with a Mohawk and pierced nose with a silver hoop. New York helped her find her avant-garde look, with short, red hair and colourful outfits – a look that made her nose look more prominent. Yet, she was still met with criticism.

But it was that criticism that made her stronger. Today, she is a burlesque dancer and continues to dress to accentuate her nose. She considers it her most distinctive feature and can’t imagine having it any other way.

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